Elegant outdoor weddings at Arley Hall in Cheshire

Wedding Trends with Event Designer Kerri Lytton

9th January 2017

Weddings and events are ever changing with the times and whilst a beautiful venue will always be in vogue – not all styles are everlasting. We spoke to Kerri Lytton, wedding designer at Arley Hall, about the trends that she’s noticed and what makes a truly flawless wedding.

“We’ve had more and more brides choosing a simpler but still elegant design scheme. Where as in the past chair covers with bows and sateen were a standard, a bare chiavari chair is being use now. I think that it’s an interesting choice that gives a subtle contrast to the space the ceremony is in, especially if it’s grand and historic like Arley Hall.

Another trend I’ve noticed is the inclusion of light and glass. For instance, for a recent wedding I organised, the bride wanted to have a view of the night sky, so we arranged a glass ceiling in the marquee and since then, many more brides have loved the idea of being able to bring outdoors in. It’s an especially stunning addition when the night is clear and guests can see the stars.

Social media is also playing a role and I’ve had weddings where brides and grooms are using specific hashtags for guests to upload their own snaps in addition to the professional photographer. They want a wedding that’s interactive and where their guests can all see in real time moments that are happening on the other end of the hall or in Olympia.

In all honesty – even with the new developments, what really makes a stunning wedding depends on the couple. We work exceptionally hard to ensure that our bride and groom are happy. Themes, technology and décor may change but what’s always present is the happiness of the union between the families and friends."